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Top 5 summer high heat fragrances in India 2021


We have entered the high heat 35+ degrees temperature of Indian summers. India being a tropical high heat country has a 6-7 months long summers with high humidity and heat. Best summer perfumes for Indian weather are hard to find but we have complied a list of best high heat summer fragrances for India 2021. 


We will move from number 10 on our list to number 1 which tops our list for the best summer fragrance for men and women in 2021 in India. 

5. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

G&G Light Blue Intense is a woody aquatic fragrance for both men and women with very well done marine notes making it one of the best options for Indian summers in 2021. The fragrance reminds you of the beach breeze with a lot of salty accord which gives this perfume a very distinctive feel and aroma. Grapefruit and mandarin orange gives it a very fresh and fruity opening which settles down to a very salty fresh fragrance in the dray down. This can definitely b your signature summer scent for Indian summers in 2021.

4. Issey Miyake Pour Homme

Issey Miyake pour Homme is a cheap but very high impacting fresh and aromatic summer fragrance for India in . This fragrance is one of the most popular from the line and has been succeeded with a number of flankers in the recent years. This fragrance opens very fresh and citrusy with bergamot and mandarin both n the opening. Performance on this one is very good considering the very nature of the perfume. Woody notes in the base like sandalwood gives it good hold and it clings on the surface for longer duration. 

3. Armani Acqua Di Gio Profondo

Armani's Acqua Di Gio line is very popular and it is without any doubt one of the best choice for high heat summer frarances in India. Acqua Di Gio profondo is one of the most recent flanker to the lineup. This fragrance is very acquatic and fresh which makes it one of the best option for high ehat indian summers in 2021. This fragrance opens up with notes of bergamot, acquazone and sea notes which give it a very fresh and salty vibe. Performance on this perfume is very good which makes this a very good option for high heat Indian summers of 2021. 

2. Versace Eau Frachie 

Versace Eau Frachie is probably one of the best known summer fragrance in India. Versace Eau Frachie is a aquatic woody fragrance which opens up with bergamot and carombola which makes this one a very sparkly fresh fragrance for Indian summers in 2021. Cardamom in this fragrance gives it a very distinctive sweetness which is perfect for high heat Indian summers. 

1. Nishane Wulong Cha 

Nishane's wulong cha is the only niche fragrance which we have included in this list because of the use of green tea note in wulong cha. This fragrance opens with mandarin and bergamot but the middle note of green tea takes the prominent position very soon. Performance on this fragrance is one of the best in the industry which makes it our top pick for high heat Indian summer list here.


We hope that you liked our list of top 5 best summer fragrances for high heat Indian weather in 2021.